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[QUOTE=cg50in;4937303]Any idea if there is cause and effect with MS and shingles since it is nerve related (Dermatomes). One problem with MS is you think every health issue you get is related. Any thoughts


Added to what Nikki has pointed out, you will find that as you live with your MS that you will see fads come and go. When I was first dx, I was told that fillings contained mercury which caused MS. For me, I had no fillings. Even today, this "theory" continues to be recycled.

If you have a compromised immune system, shingles might be more susceptible- or not. I have found that since my MS has worsened, I have fewer other complaints, but I am not 100% immune to them. I will still get a cold, albeit the time between colds is quite long. Is it because my immune system is in warp speed? No one can really know due to the wildly varying effect MS has on each person. :angel:

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