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Re: Possible MS
Mar 9, 2012
I also wouldnt be so quick to write off Fibro...its highly possible, and your symptoms are classic.

MS mimics 400 other diseases, if you have reason to believe it may be MS, you definately need to see a MS specialist, not a regular Neurologist...regular neuros arent as familiar with MS and usually specialize in things like Parkinson's or Migrane headaches...the McDonald criteria (revised) is what doctors have to use in order to diagnos MS- and its a very lengthy process, so be prepared. They have to rule out thousands of other things before they can suggest MS. This sounds bad- but its actually good- you dont want a MS label for the rest of your life for insuarnce purposes if you dont need one!

The first test you should be having is a complete MRI of the brain and Cspine with and without contrast....if anyone suggests doing only half the test, or doing it without contrast- run the opposite direction or insist they do the complete MS workup. This is where 99% of MS lesions hide. A lesion, is a scar, from an attack on the brain or c-spine, which will glow under contrast- by seeing if the lesions are there, it would A. explain your symtoms and B. meet the criteria necessary to consider MS.

Jayhawk is also right, it can takes months for vitmain D defiecincy to reverse itself, so stay on the supplements.. and get retested whenever your rhemy wants you to.

The other thing I would be doing is seeing a good opthamologist...not optomotrist- but medical doctor. Many cases of MS have been discovered by finding inflamation of the optic nerve, which can be quite painful and does affect your vision. Remember, MS affects the central nervous system; the brain, eyes and spine. If your eye doctor suspects inflammation, and he or she can usually dialate your eyes and look behind them easily enough- they may send you to a Neuro-opthamologist for further testing.....but I would definately have your eyes checked out asap- thats not something you want to mess with!

I hope you feel better soon.

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