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Hi I'm new to this. But I NEED HELP. I believe I have ms. It all started when I was 27 in 2005 (I'm now 34). When I bent my head forward I would go numb. The tops of my feet had what I described as a nerve itch. Went to the ER he stated that on x-ray I did not have the normal curve in my neck but wanted a MRI because I could have MS. MRI was only of the brain w/o contrast. Came back with 2sm foci unspecified findings. After awhile the symptoms went away and I though nothing of it. In 2010 I was dx with high bp. I was put on norvasc. This episode started with a burning sensation in my left knee, then spread up my thigh to abdomen, back and arm. It hurt when someone would brush up against me. It hurt to stand or walk. I read up on my med and thought that was it so I stopped it. Now I'm not so sure, esp considering that I keep having similar symptoms and no meds. In 2011 I had alloydnia in both thighs, abdomen and back. Leaning up against cold counter would give me pain! Touching my skin with cold hands would give me pain. This has happened about 3 times and last 2-3 weeks then goes away. Also had severe hand pain in both hands. Bought wrist braces thinking it was caprpal tunnel. Had this twice, last time just last month, all fingers were tingly and numb. Also had a nerve itch in shoulder that lasted about 3 weeks. Just yesterday had tingly electric shock feeling in right lower jaw after brushing teeth, then later in evening had same feeling on left side of scalp, both lasted about 10seconds. Also have mirgraines, legs hurt sometimes and I believe I have cognitive problems, I forget what I'm doing. I'm always fatigued. Only eye problems I have are floaters. I went to dr, ordered lab tests checking for RA. Doubt that's it. He did put me on Lyrica, recent attack is gone, not sure if ran natural course or from med, although not as tired as usual. From what I have researched it sounds like MS. Any thoughts????

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