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Could this be ms?
Mar 26, 2012
I am 35 year old female. I started to have a spot on my leg that felt warm and eventually the area got bigger and seemed to move to the top of my forarm. My feet and hands have been falling asleep when i'm sleeping also i have ringing in the ear and did have a burning tongue for a few weeks until i started to take B complex vit. than that went away. Over the weekend i have had weakness on one side of my body (feeling better today). Also last weekend i came home from work and took a bath it was hot and read my book, later on that night I woke up in panic my back was burning and it felt like i had been laying on a rock and the other night my son was laying beside on the couch i fell asleep and woke up with his head burning a whole threw my arm. I was at the hospital twice this weekend with tingling in the bladder area and i'm currently waiting for an mri. i have seen 3 doctors and they all tell me this is not typical ms because i am not physically showing and signs of weakness. my balance is good and so is coordination. i just have all these weird skin sensations I dont get to many headaches either. please let me know your thoughts. I am scared to sleep because i wake up with numb tingling or some other weird sensation somewhere.

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