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Hello guys well I recently looked up the symptoms for MS and found out mostly everyone of them I have, I'm scared to death. It all started one day when I just got back from a ski trip in Utah and 2 days after I all of a sudden couldn't breathe.i called 911 and by the time they got here I was able to breathe better. The next day I felt the same all Of a sudden cold breathe so I went to hospital and thy did like a EKG and some blood work but they said everything was normal I was also burping ALOT that day idk why. The next week I was fine didn't really think much about it. But the next week I still had the flu like feeling, just felt really bad. I also was burping constant to. Later that day I was riding in the car with my mom and all of a sudden started shaking really bad a full on panic attack I think and after that I wasn't able to take deep breathes. So I go to a family doctor and they do some. Blood work and was diagnosed with walking Pneumonia but they also gave me acid reflux pills. A week Pasts and I'm still burping 24-7 all day everyday even if I don't eat anything. I lost about 6+pounds. But it seemed like the antibiotic they gave me for my pneumonia helped I was able to take deep breathes a little better. So I finish the antibiotic after 10 days and start to feel better but still burPing a lot everyday. Also even in week one I aid get numbness all over my body and my legs would feel weak and also my arms that lasted maybe over a week spans maybe more but I thOught it was just anxiety cause it seemed worst after I thought about it also I had numbness in my nose around my head and lips but I also had a really bad sinus infection I guess and I thougt it was that cuz my ears eye pop and one eye was blurri and I went to eye doc and they said it was allergys bu I've never had allergys before. Also I would get a stabbing numbing pain around my head and also had 6 bloody noses in a month.i would also get dizzy through out the day but I thought It was the sinus infection making me dizzy. But just recently I had an egd done for my burping. Cause I really didn't have any dizzyness or head pain or eye bluriness or weak legs or numbness in body at all Just my nose due to blowing my nose real hard.i was thinking. But since I was still burping my doc ordered a egd where they put a scope down ur throat and they Check for ulcers and other stuff and also bacteria well they said the inspection was ok but would get back to us on bacteria well it's been a week and I was still burPing 200 times a day and about 3. Days ago I had really hard time swallowing. It it seems better today. But anyways yesterday we called doc he wasnt there but the nurse was and she said the doc prescribed a new prescription. Called like suclarfate I think and I looked it up and it's for like ulcers or h pylori? I took it yesterday and it seemed to help a lot I'm already not burping as much but today I had trouble taking deep breathes but is a little better from this morning. But for a week I've had bad tremors and shaking like when I bend down I like shake and I've had muscle spasms in the stomach region and also about a week ago it would hurt when I had to pass gas and go pee not while going just after or before I sue feel a sharp pain..I've bad these before in the past years but they wud always go away. My numbness went away for a lil but came back not my whole body again just my feet and hands and nose and sometimes cheeks. I dont think it's anxiety it usually comes when I'm sitting down in a weird spot I usually get numb in my foot also when I'm using my hands while playing a ga
E on my iPhone or something they get numb. But I'm freaking out and scared to death that it's ms I also have constant chills and feel heat sensations on my head please help and suggests something I shud do

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