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Re: Lesions
Apr 6, 2012
When I applied for my disability, the SSA required a positive VEP as evidence of MS. I think that ideas and technology change perceptions. Many neuros become too dependent upon technology and less reliant upon their own ears, eyes, and brains. I remember in 1982 my neuro told me later that he knew I had MS from the first appointment. That appointment was a short one with a Babinski test, reflexes, gait, pin "poke", and a medial history. I think that the diagnostic process for MS has room to grow with regards to testing and getting neuros to "step up to the plate".

Many doctors do not want to give you bad news and leave you wandering the lonely streets of limbo land. I would rather be told so that at least I could decide what I needed to do.

Your neuro may need to get pushed off the fence. Take your info and tell them it is is time to fish or cut bait. If they want to sit and cut bait, find another neuro. Many neuro's who are fence sitters will give you the bad news if you show them that you want to her the diagnosis. Maybe med schools need a rotation on intestinal fortitude. :angel:

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