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I have an unexplained, undiagnosed issue and would very much like some feedback or ideas. I am a 30 year old female, 5'6" and 140 pounds (I was 125-130 pounds until about a year ago).

[B]Symptom List:[/B]
* Migraines (sensitivity to sound, light, heat and cold; nausea; feeling of pressure). Migraines are EVERY day during an attack, and I NEVER get them otherwise. Like a light switch.
* Dizziness and light-headedness, sometimes feeling faint.
* Usually intense vertigo (I feel swirly this time, but not as if I were on a boat which is more typical).
* Tender, crawling, achy muscles over entire body (body aches, kind of).
* Shaky muscles: weak, shaky legs, hand tremors, twitching and sense of vibration. Tingly face sensation.
* Tired muscles, fatigue. Exertion, even climbing stairs, can make me feel faint (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Try explaining THAT to a doctor, ugh).
* Difficulty concentrating or following conversations; memory problems and forgetfulness.
* Symptoms worsen in bright light, looking at computer or TV screens, while wearing contacts/glasses, while attempting to focus (reading, computer work), in heat (I'll pass out or become nauseated and faint if I'm in a hot room, hot tub, or washing dishes in a sink of hot water) and under stress, but eliminating these things do not eliminate symptoms.

[B]Tests that have been run or "ruled out" disgnoses:[/B]
Thyroid - normal
CBCs - all normal
Female hormones - normal
Vitamin deficiencies (including anemia) - none
Negative ANA (lupus)
Clean MRI 2009
ENG (dizziness and nystagmus test) was negative for inner ear disorders
Negative tender point test (for fibromyalgia)
Colonoscopy (perfect)
Low-normal blood pressure (100/60 typical, though 80/40 not unusual)
Normal cholesterol
Others that I'm forgetting...

[B]I have seen:[/B]
2 different otolaryngologists (ENTs)
3 OBGYNs (plus one more for a second opinion before a surgery)
2 neurologists
Balance and Vertigo specialist

[B]My health history:[/B]
1998 (age 16) - sick in bed for 1 month. Doctors thought it was mono but blood tests were all normal. Weak, faint, body pain.
1998 (age 17) - Extremely ill with mono. Bed rest for 6 weeks (nearly hospitalized). Extreme pain, confusion (probably from meds), weakness.
1999 (age 18) - extreme abdominal pain causing dizziness, nausea, and fainting in a public bathroom. Blood tests normal, pain resolved, released from hospital.
2000 (age 19) - extreme abdominal pain again causing dizziness, nausea, fainting, and hit my head on the floor as I passed out.
2001 (19) - severe kidney infection. UTI with no symptoms spread to kidneys and into my blood stream. Hospitalized 8 days, permanently lost some kidney function. During kidney CT, ovarian cyst was spotted on L ovary.
2002 (20) - began to be extremely sensitive to bright light & heat, causing me to become light headed, weak, and have to sit or lay down to prevent fainting.
2003 - month long episode of vertigo and balance issues while overseas on vacation. I blamed the malaria medication I was taking, but later will find out that is incorrect. After the vertigo subsided, I had a red, sore, itchy, raised, weepy rash on my buttocks for 4 weeks (about 4"x7" area, solid).
2004 - pregnancy, normal delivery, no complications. ultrasound shows L ovarian cyst present and bigger.
2006/2007 - pregnancy, normal delivery, no complications. 5 months after delivery, i find that even light exercise brings on a cold within a week of starting exercising, heat still makes me feel faint and dizzy, going black in front of my eyes. Pelvic region hurts periodically.
2008 - fell on stairs and cracked my tailbone (xray confirmed fracture). 8 months later, I experienced 4 weeks of vertigo, migraines, dizziness, balance and gait issues, and brain fog following a trip to Belize. Again, I was talking malaria medication and blamed it, but I'd had to start the meds before I left and was fine until 3 days after returning home.
2009 - 6-8 weeks of vertigo following a plane ride. Severe vertigo, severe migraines, inability to drive, couldn't walk in a straight line, could not look at a computer screen or TV, dizziness, weakness, faintness. I would fall out of a stationary chair while sitting in it, because it felt like the chair tipped and I got dumped on the floor. It felt like I was on a boat all the time. It resolved by itself, but my ENT did discover a blocked sinus, and I had sinus surgery after the episode ended.
2010 - chronic pain led to removal of the L ovary. Pain continued.
2011 - bright lights trigger bad headaches/eyeaches. Struggled with fatigue, pain, stiffness, and weakenss. 5 weeks of vertigo attack after a car ride + stressful fight with my husband (started 2 hours after getting out of the car). Vertigo, migraines, etc. all over again. Had to send my kids to stay with my dad because I couldn't care for them. Couldn't even climb the stairs without having to lay down on the floor from dizziness when I reached the top.
2012 - 3 days after a laparoscopic surgery (trying to diagnose my recurrant pelvic issues), I felt naueseated and have had a migraine every day for 2 weeks now. Slight vertigo (instead of intense as in all my previous episodes), but all the other symptoms are present (see symptom list above).

I've been having mysterious issues since I was 16. The vertigo attacks have only been present since I was 21 (9 years). My doctors are stumped. I moved to a new state to be nearer to my family so they can help with the kids when I'm sick, so I now have all new doctors who are all stumped too. Despite the clean MRI in 2009, I feel it may be MS. I see another neurologist on the 18th of April to get evaluated for that and other issues. Does it sound anything like MS to you?

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