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I have long story - so please stick with me and hopefully provide some thoughts.
History - About 7 years ago, I experienced facial numbness/tingling, dizziness and fasciculations for about 6 months. Also had a "dead" arm - although that only happened a couple of times for a minute or two. I saw a neurologist (not MS specialist), had labs that ruled out all sorts of things (thyroid, vitamin deficiency, lyme's, lupus) and had mri of brain with contrast - which was essentially normal. Did not have MRI repeated, nor did I have LP. Symptoms resolved on their own and neuro had no answers - chalked it up to possibly viral neuritis.
Experience less frequent bouts of dizziness, twitching off an on over the next several years, but nothing that lasted. About 6 weeks ago, I started experiencing random "patches" of numbness and tingling, burning pain, muscle spasm, dizziness, clumsiness (fell once and have been dropping things constantly), blurry vision (off and on) in one eye and fatigue. I have appt scheduled with neuro - a different one than the last one because I moved.
I'm not stressed any more than usual and don't feel anxious at all. I just want to know what's going on with me. Any ideas? Could this be RRMS... just wondering if this is atypical of the disease. I know everyone is different.
Thanks of listening!

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