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First of all, if your symptoms are coming and going- if you have times when you feel absolutely fine, with no symtoms, you have what 85% of us have, Relapsing/remitting MS.....however, that can change at any time. you can always progress to a more progressive MS unfortunately. Not everyone does, and taking disease modifying drugs is supposed to reduce that risk and slow progrssion down, but that also doesnt apply to 100 % of us.

The test you ar talking about I believe is the EMG. Which is a nerve conductio test. They basically poke at you with small (tiny) needles which are connected to a battery pack. The electrodes, needles, are giving off electric which shocks your nerves. Seeing what your reactions are, to what extent your body feels the conductivity, tells the doctor if numbness and tingling are related to MS related issues or if they are related to something else. For instance, they did an EMG on my hands because they were numb and the doctors swore it was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It wasnt...its from a lesion in my brain which sends a signal to my hands..
The test hurts briefly, but not intensely...its over before you know it.

Let us know what you find out or if you get the name of the test and its not the EMG..

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