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yeah i have had four laparoscopies, was dx with endo when i was 15 even after surgeries and a child the pain is still there which just adds to everything else. Well im glad to know im not alone when it comes to the shower thing , i was really baffled like i thought maybe it was in my head because i waS REally tired when it first happened but now its almost everytime, somedays i just take a cool bath. I think its the temperature change from the wter hitting your skin too that bugs me. I too am usually very hott and get overheated so fast to the point that i get pink and ive had people ask me if ive goine tanning lol so yeah. And its just the same in the winter time, i feel as if my body is rigid and it just doesnt wanna move right like its locked up ? does that also go along with the irregular body temps? Im still waiting for MRI results so im very anxious waiting its as if i dont want anything wrong but i want them to find something so i know how to treat my symptoms better ya know its just been going on for so long and every year my symptoms get worse and then new ones start coming! So thank you for sharing, because you do feel alone even though i have a wonderful support system and family/friends they treuly dont understand the extent of the pain<><>:angel:

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