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My First Major flair up was vertigo Took all of January and 1/2 of Febuary to get DX. I was sent to an E N T he tought it was a toumer in the inner ear he ordered a MRI looking for a toumer. When the results came back he said I need to see a NERO. He could not tell me what it was only a NERO. could tell me he thought it was either MS or nuropthy. I seen the NERO and he told me it was MS. I did not know what MS was all I knew was I put money in the cup at the bank for the MS walk. I was not scared because I did not know the severity of that DX. I asked when can I go back to work he said probably never. That scared me then ( what am I supposed to do now, How am I supposed to provide for my Family) It really didn't take that long in comparison.It is the not knowing that is hard. when we learn what is wrong then we know what course of acion we can take if any. My Grand Mother always said nothing lasts for ever and I lived by that. Didn't go to the doctor a nap will cure me WRONG. Some things do last forever. It is how we deal with what the DX is that really matters. I had 2 choises feel sorry for myself (I did for a while) or learn to live with it (what I learned to do). I have spent months in a bed and couldn't get up then I spent months in a wheel chair. Afer that I used a cain now nothing. Meds were part of the problem. MS mimmicks many things it is a long process to get to the DX. It is hard when we don't know what the problem is You will find out what is wrong and I hope you don't hear those words you have MS. Good luck and God bless

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