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Hi there and welcome to health boards!

First and foremost, breathe. Nothing is easy when you dont have answers and many of us have been there....anxiety from not knowing and being afraid is only going to make things worse; so stop and take a moment and breathe. ok?

Anxiety CAN result in MS like symptoms, but lets back up a minute. You said you are having a CT scan and eye doctor appt. A CT scan will NOT show anything MS related- but thats okay because Im willing to bet that all of this is being caused by either a back injury or a pinched nerve. Much of what you described is muscular in nature- and MS is not a muscular disease....its a central nervous system disease. So, having a CT scan in your case isnt a bad thing..

It may show exactly what is causing the numbness and tingling OR it may show nothing. If it shows nothing, you really should request a Neuro consult and let the Neurologist order the testing for his/ her speciality. Usually a MRI would be first. But somehow I honestly do not think you are having MS symtoms....too many things happen to MS patients, onset symtoms of MS take years to come on and usually are basically the same for many of us, those things- you havent mentioned at all. The eye pain, can be caused by anxiety for sure! You could be having (or giving yourself) stress related migranes and who would blame you? Youre under a ton of stress! But those migranes would result in exactly what you are one thing at a time.
Please make sure the eye doctor is an opthamologist- NOT an optomotrist. We arent looking for glasses here...we are looking for diseases of the eye and an opthamologist is a medical doctor. An opthmologist can look behind your eye for inflammation~ and as long as the eye is healthy, will then probabaly start thinking that it is migrane related as well....but first, make sure your eyes are healthy.

The tests you have had run so far, are not MS related, nor are they neurological in nature; therefore i have to think that no one else is picking up that this is MS like.....MS mimics 400 other diseases, so if you had signs of MS, you could actually have a 1 in 400 chance of having the disease....pretty good odds, so again, try not to stress at this point. Besides, MS is a very livable disease- even if you did have it, its controllable and youll learn to handle it. We all have...

I want you to get your CT scan done and ask for copies of the CD or films...also, when you get to the doctors to hear the results, get a copy of the report...keep these things in a file at home. Go ahead and request copies of your blood work as well. From here on out, anything you have done, request copies of. They belong to you and they have to give them to you. If you are referred to a Neurologist in the future, you want to take every single test you had done WITH you. Dont wait for your primary to send them copies and dont expect a neuro to track them down. Bring saves time/ money and aggravation!

You asked for an opinion and this is just mine, but I dont think you have anything critical to worry about. I do truly believe that not knowing is making it worse, so I really want you to take a few deep breaths and try to calm yourself and not be upset. After all, at this point you dont know anything- so dont let the not knowing control you. An eye doctor will be helpful, a CT will also either dx or rule out potential reasons for your symtoms...but until you have those tests, worrying about any of it just isnt helping. I can guarantee its making your symtoms worse. Anxiety is very real - and in your case- understandable. We are here to help you deal with this , ok?

Keep us posted!

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