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i think I have to agree as well that this isnt MS related.

MS eye problems are due to inflammation of the optic nerve and one doesnt usually lose complete sight, rather it is presented in such a way that things are grey or fuzzy....this is called optical neuritis, or ON and its painful. It doesnt reverse itself in a matter of hours- and for most people takes months. I have heard of some people claiming it only lasts a few days....but again its not what you are describing. Any opthmologist can see behind the eye and determine if ON is your problem...the fact that you are being told probably not, is more than likely correct. Its probably migrane related.

An LP is quite a procedure to go through for a migrane! Its not going to tell you anything about MS, youre aware of this, right?

Ive had several LPs....lay flat after the procedure. Do not get up and walk around for at least 8 hours, no matter how "good" you feel, dont push yourself. Youll be back in the hospital with a headache like you have never experienced and wind up getting a blood patch. Stay flat for at least 8 hours! Drink lots of caffeine and youlll be fine.
But, I think your doctor and husband are probably right...this doesnt sound related to MS.

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