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Hi Medwayfarer, I am glad you finally got an appointment. I live in Canada also and was waiting for an MRI date. I got worst and so went to emerg day 1 lumbar MRI and sent home, day 2 ultrasound and sent home. Day 3 I called 911 as I was feeling worst. After many hours I saw a doc who ordered a CT scan that was negative. He had a different mindset and said he could not send me home like that so I was admitted against the advice of the neurologist...he said I tested normal neurologically. I did 4 more MRIs and a spinal tap. Brain and cervical and thoracic showed legions pointing to demylination. Neurologist mentioned MS but I came out without a diagnosis. My appointment with him is for September. I am feeling worst than I went there but no treatment without a diagnosis. My PCP got another one for December!!

I know it must be frustrating for you especially the long wait we have here for specialists and for scans. One thing I have learnt here and in research is that a diagnosis of MS takes time. It is a good thing your doc ruled out many other diseases. I hope you won't have to wait long for an MRI appointment. If you feel worst, go to a hospital emerg as that might be the quickest way to get one done. I remember in 2006 I could not walk and went to the hospital. After all day I was to do an MRI and they said I was bumped to the other day. The doc wanted to send me home and I could not walk so I refused to go home. I stayed in emerg and MRI done early next day. When you need medical help you need it and can only get it from a doc. It should not be so hard but it is here. I wish you all the best.

[QUOTE=medwayfarer;5012494]Thanks MSJayhawk. It's been very trying, but at least I now finally have an appointment!

Back in May my GP instructed me that if I hadn't received a neurologist appointment by the end of June to give them a call. I decided to give them a call yesterday in regards to it, and was told that it was a very long waiting list, but they would look at my file and try and prioritize it a bit more. I'm happy to say that I received a phone call this afternoon, and my neuro app. is at the beginning of August!

I'm very happy to finally have an appointment![/QUOTE]

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