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Hello to all! My name is Dusty and I am a 39 year old mother of 6 beautiful children. Here is my story...

Almost 10 years ago my entire left side became "heavy" and I was immediately overtaken by exhaustion. It was during the winter and I had to turn off the heater, out the AC on high and roll down the windows to let cold air in just to stay awake (at least that's what it felt like). After that happened, my left side 0 mainly my leg just felt slow. I tried to convince myself that nothing was wrong, but after returning from a walk I noticed that my shoe had worn a blister on the top of my left foot.
I went to see a physician who was the first to utter the word MS - I believe he is the one who sent me for an MRI. When I met with him again everything was normal. So off I went to live my life. Almost 2 years later I was walking in the parking lot with my husband and I got off balance and fell - at the same time I was having an endless eye twitch - and there was something else going on but for some reason I can't remember what it was. I went to see a Dr. who then referred me to a neurologist. At the neurologists appointment she said that she suspected MS - although I informed her I had already been tested and was clear. She then informed me that MS was a disease that could take time to show up. She ordered an MRI and wrote me a prescription to help with the eye twitch.
Three days into the meds I was wondering what my purpose in life was and was having a hard time convincing myself I deserved to live. In a moment of clarity (brought on by my husband wondering what in the hell was wrong with me) I realized that the medicine I was taking was obviously not for me. When I went back for the follow up visit she stated that my B-12 was very low and that maybe some injections would help with my issues. I do believe she wanted to follow up later, but I do not really remember if there was a why. I pretty much decided I didn't want to see her anymore and just went on with life. Throughout the last 7-8 years things have seemed pretty normal, I went on to have 2 more children and although there have been a number of things that would make me say "well, that was strange" and then I'd move on. Nothing has ever lasted very long nor seemed very significant. Some of them include: walking and then just stepping off to the side, almost like falling but then I catch myself. While standing still I would just start to fall over, but would move my leg and catch myself. I get prickly pins and needle and crawling feelings off and on - although I never noticed them last more than a day or so - if even that. I have had what I thought might be restless leg syndrome for a few nights (another thing I didn't track) but figured it is just part of getting old and I'd rather have restless leg than deal with side effects. Another strange thing was when one of my legs just tightened - really tight - it seemed like it was getting tight in slow motion, and then when it was really tight it relaxed and then it repeated.
Now to the more recent stuff....over the last year two or three times I have felt like I maybe pulled a muscle because my bum and thigh were hurting - but then it went away. In March of this year I felt a sensation in my left arm from my armpit to my hand and fingers were tingling and numb. When I say sensation it was not pain, it was like I could feel my arm all of the time. That lasted for a few weeks. Then at the end of April I had a sharp stabbing pain right between my shoulder blades right after that a burning sensation appeared on the right side of my face it lasted two days but on the second day I noticed the same sensation when I touched my right forearm, it felt like I had touched a burn. From there it progressed to my right side tingling and feeling numb (ish) and my right leg muscles seemed to be having their own workout. My right toes were twitching and by the afternoons I was pretty tired. This has lasted for a few weeks and finally made an for the questions.
1) I am self pay and cannot afford to pay for tests if they are not really necessary - so if the neurologists throws out a suspicion of MS again do I really need an MRI?
2) Do any of these things truly seem like MS symptoms, or are they just trying to test for it whenever neurological symptoms are present.
3) What are some good questions for the neurologist to make sure I only pay for tests that are necessary?

Thank you for reading my life story! Any help is appreciated.

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