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Hi all,

To begin with I'm a 24 year old caucasian male. I am very concerned with regard to some symptoms i have been experiencing over the past few weeks. The main symptom has been a tingling feeling primarily in my hands and feet that can often often have a prickly or burning sensation. I have also noticed some pain around my left eye, located in the area just above my left eyelid and just below the eyebrow. My vision however remains fine. The tingling feeling sometimes can be felt in the rest of my limbs and body, although it is primarily in the hands and feet. I have also noticed a sensation that can only be described as a vibration-like sensation on the back of my left leg and sometimes in the left side of of my head. It is not painful but a rather strange sensation. I dont know how relevant it is but i was diagnosed with shingles 2 months ago which has since cleared. That was put down to stress following the loss of a loved one. I am quiet anxious regarding health issues in general but I am definetly not imagining theses symptoms. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could shed some light on my problem. Any advice or knowledge is welcomed.

Thank you.

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