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I am in my 5th week since that morning of waking up to the numbness from waist down especially my feet. Since that I have had added symptoms such as eye pain in both eyes and a day where I had stabbing pains in my left eye. Fatigue, twitching (not new..maybe all my life), legs feel stiff when I walk. My thighs and legs are sensitive and I cannot stand my dress brushing against them so I relegate myself to wearing shorts at home.

Can someone please explain the McDonald's criteria for me taking it that I have had 1 episode/attack? Explain dissemination in time and space. I was never a dumb person but even before this attack I had difficulty comprehending that I even told my doctor I felt dumb. I was planning to go back to school then but that deterred me. I had chalked it up to being on a high dose of Xanax for 17 years (plus taking another benzo) and taking them since 1990 when I had a breakdown and developed panic disorder. My short term memory is a mess but I remember things clearly that from childhood and high school days that others marvel at such memory. I am so nervous and jittery and feel dizzy and disoriented at times. These are not new symptoms but are these symptoms of MS? Thank you.

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