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Jul 15, 2012
I have been having my knees buckle while I walk for the last few months with no pain or explanation so far. The neurologist has done EMG, c-spine, and t-spine mri's. And all is normal.(I have a brain MRI scheduled) I also have issues with balance. I have seen a neurologist, pcp, and physical medicine doctor. None of them can give me any ideas of what's going on. Is this typical for diagnosing MS? I have other risk factors and symptoms that point to this, but am curious about others diagnosis stories or troubles. Thanks in advance for any advice or help!
Re: Confused...
Jul 16, 2012
I have not Ben seen by a ms neurologist yet. I have my brain MRI Wednesday and will hopefully find something out with that before I move on o another dr.

I know that the symptoms I am having can be other conditions as well but all my research keeps leading me back to ms...

I started keeping a log of symptoms I notice and listed them below. Thanks again!
Symptoms I notice

Hard to get full deep breath. Feels like chest won't expand enough to get enough air.
- happens for a couple hours then goes away usually in afternoon and evenings

Knees buckle while walking, no pain more in left knee than right
- also balance while standing is bad knees wobble 

Random blurry ness 
- mainly in right eye
- eye doctor said all looks good

Lose train of thought easily
- forget words or discussion topics
- get distracted easily and have to force my self to focus

Getting tired frequently over the last week
- mainly in afternoon
- got sleepy after 15 minutes of installing a computer program(7/15/12)

Pain in feet from diabetes?
- numbness tingling sensation 
- pins and needles
- alleviated with gabapenten

Heat issues
-Used to sweat like a dog now hardly at all comparatively 
- I get cold really easily 
- after being in heat and working for 15 minutes or more my knees buckle exponentially more and my balance is even worse

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