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Chest Pain
Jul 31, 2012
Well, the numbness that started in the left side of my head and face and seemed to be going away during June/early July has now moved its way down into my chest. I am having tightness and chest pains on the left side which is very uncomfortable. Yesterday I had an EKG because my neuro thought I was having heart problems. But the EKG came out fine and it is definitely the MS that is causing me these problems. I have a call in to my neuro to discuss these symptoms. Is there anything I should be asking my neuro for to help with the chest pain? I cannot take any pain pills other than OTC stuff. I don't think this is technically the MS hug because it is only on one side of my chest. Anything that might help me is appreciated.
Re: Chest Pain
Jul 31, 2012
I would still call this an MS hug. I have "hugs" which do not wrap completely around me. This is because MS does not have to affect both sides of your body. I am glad you got checked for any cardiac concerns.

You might try cold compresses to see if you feel better or a dip in a cool pool or a tepid shower. OTC's are probably going to have zero effect if it is MS. I still get MS hugs, but I dismiss them as annoyances. At one time I thought they were excruciating, but no longer. Hopefully you can build up to that point too. Stay strong! :angel:

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