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A glimmer of hope?
Aug 3, 2012
A Stanford University study has found that a molecule that causes Alzheimerís disease- A-beta - could reverse paralysis caused by multiple sclerosis,

In the study the researchers used a mouse model that mimics several features of the disease - including the autoimmune attack on myelinated sections of the brain. (Now keep in mind that THIS IS NOT MS rather it mimics MS.) In the experiment they then injected A-beta into the rodentís belly. They hypothesized that the injection would cause exacerbations of MS, however, the opposite occurred. The pre-existing MS damage was actually reversed.

Now, please note that this is a glimmer of hope, but not yet a cure. Keep reading and stay informed. If you have an upcoming doctorís appointment, this study might prove an interesting topic!

What this means is that new meds can be developed and tested. No promises, but certainly a glimmer of hope!


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