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Thanks so much for your thoughts. I'm actually ok with whatever a doc tells me because at least I know how to deal with my issues. First off, I actually live in the state that has not only the highest rate of MS in the US, but my geographical region of the state has the highest rate well. The neuro I saw was an MS specialist as well. I would like to thank both of you for pointing out that he does need to read my MRI and not just go off the report. He as well as the new doc (MS specialist too) I'm scheduled to see actually told me they just need the report. I would have just assumed this was traditional protocol and not known to make sure the neuro looked at them as well, so thank you!

I should probably elaborate a little more. After my car wreck and almost a year later I saw the first neurologist (1997), at that time he thought my symptoms were MS related. Of course, the MRI indicated otherwise. Throughout the years my PCP thought what I had was MS as well, but once again nothing on the MRI. Now with the new MRI showing SOMETHING, I had hope we would get to the bottom of this.

Unfortuantely, I'm now going to bore you with my symptoms:) I can deal with most of them but there are a few that have been super hard to ignore. For the last 5-6 months my arms have been burning so bad that I cannot hold the steering wheel at the end of the day. I thought I had a pinched nerve because it stopped for about 5 weeks and has been back since. My cognitive function has gotten so bad that I have to send clients to my voice mail so I can listen to who they are an look through my notes to jog my memory even though I may have just met with them the day before. It seems only my short term memory is currently affected. I cannot speak clearly and twist my words all of the time. Sometimes I flip words around and other times I take the first syllable off one word and put it on the next, taking the next words first syllable and put it on the first word. Makes me sound like a nut when speaking. I was even at a ER docs (client) house last week and she asked if I was ok because I kept doing that. Lastly, the symptom that is so difficult to live with is the recurring hypersensitivity in the back of my leg. It has been coming on for the last seven years. I feel like my leg went through a meat grinder and then you poured salt on the open wound. NOTHING can touch it without me wanting to cry. That lovely symptom started to only happen for about 24 hours at a time but now it sticks around for a few days. Here is the list I gave to the neuro......

10+ Years
• Bladder infections
• First black out feeling noticed in 1997 while driving, felt like I was sinking in chair and I could see black rising up.
• Shooting pain in heart, doc said too young for heart issues and dismissed it, happening since a teenager

Last 5-10 Years
• Extreme fatigue
• Hip pain (started in left hip, had cortisone shot and it didn't help except the first hour), Pain went away for about 9 months after hysterectomy but has since returned.
• Hip pain has now started in right side and is especially noticeable when driving
• Left leg feels like it has been through a meat grinder then salt poured on it. Hypersensitive to clothes or touch. Last for days at a time. Travels down leg and usually stops at the foot but sometimes will travel back up the left side of shin.
• Shooting pain in head, like stabbing

Last 1-5 Years
• Acid Reflux for the last two years
• Cold feet and hands but left foot can be super cold compared to right. Sometimes it feels cold inside but not on the outside.
• Echoing and pain in left ear, led to diagnosis of Meniers in right ear in 2008.
• Feeling as though I'm going to black out, happens 7-10 times a week, mainly while driving or on the computer
• Feels like I'm being bit by little bugs or stings. Mostly on legs and torso.
• Left ear has pain and sometimes sounds like it is open and noises are so loud they hurt my ear
• Left foot started to turn inward for about 3-4 weeks. Went away but I noticed it happening again a week ago.
• Left leg feels like a blood clot behind the knee, swollen feeling
• Loss of hearing in right ear, lower tones, Diagnosed with Meniers
• Muscle spasms/twitches, mainly on left leg but occurring everywhere
• Odd sensation in my brain, feels like waves
• Problems with heat, don't want to do anything outside on hot days as I hardly can move
• Racing heart when tired
• Restless Legs for about 6 months, completely gone now
• Shooting pains throughout my body but mainly in my head and vaginal area
• Tingling in arms and legs led to burning sensations
• Tingling or bugs crawling on the back of my neck
• Tinnitus
• Voice has started turning hoarse when tired.
• Walking in to walls or furniture

Past Year
• Arms and hands fall asleep while sleeping. Seems to be like the ulnar nerve
• Blurry Vision when waking on two occasions. Right (?) Eyeball was actually swollen and vision was blurry for about 3 hours, I went back to bed and it was fine along with eyeball when I woke up. 2nd time was about 1 month ago and it happened when I woke up and was there for about 45 minutes.
• Breathing difficulties at night while laying down, almost feels like I'm forgetting to breath, sometimes get a gurgling sound in my esophagus
Burning in arms, shoulders, and hands (twice this year lasting for at least two months each, stopped for about five weeks)
• Complete loss for words on two occasions the most recent was end of May 2012
• Having a hard time picking up my feet to walk on 8-2-12
• Joint Pain in right index fingers and at times the elbows
• Left big toe is hard to bend, feels stiff
• Left foot started to turn inward for about 3-4 weeks. Went away but I noticed it happening again a week ago.
• Left leg feels like a blood clot behind the knee, swollen feeling
• Lost the hearing in my left ear for a few hours earlier this year.
• Memory loss-more short term than long term
• Muscle tightness in neck, shoulders, and arms. When waking my calves feel really tight for about the first two minutes of walking. I'm constantly stretching those muscles.
• Numbness between the large toe and left toe. Is there most of the time but then it goes away for a few days and comes back
• Numbness in hands on 8-2-12
• Pain in heels but mostly only noticed when laying down and knees are bent
• Right foot feels like it is soaking in warm water
• Slightly high WBC for three consecutive blood draws last year.
• Top of left ankle feels overly sensitive, arms, shoulders, and hands burning. Chest pain in left side, feels like pleurisy on 7-23-12
• Trouble putting sentences together at times
• Vibrations in crotch area on April 11 and June 15
• Vision seems to be worsening assuming due to age.

I assumed based on the above issues and the current MRI I would at least get some other tests to rule out something. I had been keeping a running list of things as they happened the last six months. Can someone please explain the vibration thing? That was an interesting symptom, lol.

Also a side note....I'm the type of person that will put energy into figuring out what is wrong with me when my symptoms are so bad that I can no longer deal with them. If I get blown off, then I wait for a couple more years to see someone again when I muster up enough energy to deal with it again. So I haven't been super active in trying to get to the bottom of this because I can deal with most of the pain and craziness I feel.

Thanks again for all of your words of wisdom!

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