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I don't even know where to begin with this. I just started thinking about it all as a whole. I had been diagnosed with Carpul tunnel like 10 years ago. It got bad enough we were talking about surgery. Then it got better. It still flares up sometimes, briefly but has never been so bad that I would drop things like before. And seems to be a lot better since I stopped taking zoloft and Neurontin 6 years ago. But again, I still can't do things like crochet without numbing. Also years ago I had symptoms of restless leg syndrome, it would wake me up in the middle of the night in tears. This was never diagnosed, but after I quit my meds it got better, but never went completely away. I also had a time when I went through some pretty bad sciatic pain. Again, nothing diagnosed. I figured I just needed to exercise more and stretch, and that helped a lot. This was something that came up after I stopped taking my meds. But there were times that it definitely affected my walking and made it difficult. Now I don't have that pain a lot, but I still have what feels like electrical pain around the SI joints in my back. Sometimes I will feel it in my butt/hip, but rarely ever runs down my leg or hurts as bad as before. Now after losing weight, and working out 5 times a week for 30 - 60 min a day. I got to feeling a lot healthier, and feeling great. A year and a half ago, I found I could no longer have gluten, this has since turned into oatmeal, dairy, soy, pb, and heavy fiber things like beans and broccoli. Most all of this causes stomach pain/cramping. I have become very tired, weaker, after I work out I feel like I worked all day, I don't recover from it like I should. I have found that I'm very cold when others not, the hot water I use to tolerate makes me feel sick quickly, and burns more then it use to. I have zapping in my feet, my arms have started having RLS type symptoms, I have come to realize that it feels a lot like it's trying to relax and contract simultaneously. This has been something that will wake me up at night these days. Sugar and caffeine, and being tired are either triggers or make it worse. I have been to regular eye doc appointments the last year and a half, and when I got my new glasses, they weren't crystal clear. I felt a pulling and blurriness in my right eye. Doc rechecked, and determined that my prescriptions were correct. I gave up on that, just used old prescriptions. This past March I had some weird vision, it was like looking through a window that was being hit by water. It lasted about five minutes. A couple months ago or so I had a bad headache, headaches have always been a part of my life, different types but this was new, it was very strong pulsing/throbbing and painful. Felt like my brain was going to jump right out. It was real bad that night, and subsided, but has never gone completely away. At minimal I feel sliight pressure on my right side. I also started noticing when I do wake up in the middle of the night or sometimes in the morning, that my right eyebrow is stiff, lifted up or raised up, but I can't bring it down. Lately, I have been feeling more of that feeling around and down my right eye.I have pain with that eye at times, especially with brightness, And my vision in that eye is shaded or cloudy, or dimmer. So hard to describe. I also feel like laying in bed, blood is rushing to my head or something, there's a lot of pressure, especially the right side. I try and prop my head up more, but it doesn't help much. I feel it to sitting on the couch, leaning back. But the last couple months I just cant sit there long without moving positions because of how uncomfortable the pressure is. When I got off meds 6 years ago I had really bad eye twitching in my left eye, it never went fully away. I have had some dizziness/vertigo, my balance is off sometimes, I have nearly or actually ran into walls or things, and my short term memory has been off, as well as I have found my self easily confused. This all isnt a lot, but it's more often then the occasional seemingly normal occurances. Definitely my memory and confusion hit me suddenly and drastically as I noticed a big impact at work last school year.

I thought a lot of this stuff was just getting older stuff, I decided to go to doc to rule out Thyroid and Diabetes, they were negative, not anemic. SO she (A PA) has me seeing mental health. I broke down crying, I hadn't shared all this with her before but did the other day. (I have had bad experiences with doctors.) I had it listed on a paper. She took the paper to copy, she said she wasn't putting in my file but copying it. She left the room and came back in with an appointment for me to see another doc who I don't like. But she's an actual doc. She wants me to have a full check up. She said she thinks I'm under a lot of stress, worrying about all this. It was like my list of symptoms were a sign I was crazy or something. I really thought all this was hormonal, and I wasn't stressed, I only in the last few days realized it could be something more. I have no insurance, she asked me when she came back in if insurance would be possible in the future. I wondered if she was asking to see if we could run other tests. I'm confused about my appointment, I'm confused about what I'm feeling, and confused about what I should do. Would they really ignore all this cause I have no insurance? Is it really possible all these different neural things could be stressed? I have been a bit down this last year or so, but stress has lightened up in my life, my kids have grown, and I have less on my plate. Any thoughts or feed back would be much appreciated.
-I assumed that things were caused by meds, or quitting meds and caused by hormonal changes, which my doc doesn't think I'm going through that change either. The stuff with my right eye I have no clue about. I'm just not sure what I should do, if I really am just crazy, if I should pay attention to whats going on, if I should spend the money to rule other things out. My husband has 2 sisters with MS, one with progressive and has had it for years, I have related to some things, like her legs, but never would have considered MS. My husband is who mentioned MS, but I don't want him to even worry about that, I know how much he worries about his sister. His other sister was diagnosed recently when she lost her vision. Both seem so much more extreme than anything I have experienced, so I never thought maybe MS.

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