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I have no idea what exactly is happening but all of my symptoms seem to lead me back to MS. I have suffered from Migraines for 14+ years and have been treated for that, my last MRI was 5 years ago - everything normal. I have had weird symptoms off and on since then - vertigo that can't be related to anything, tremors, occasional blurry vision (last eye exam in Sept 2012 - all clear). About a year ago my legs started to swell to the point of it being painful and difficult to walk with my knees being warm and a having a feeling of water running or them being wet. Over the past few months my legs (down to and including my feet) have started buzzing or humming to the point that I cannot sleep at night and it is difficult to stand or walk (painful). My feet often turn deep red and even purple at times when standing for no longer than 5 mins. My hands and fingers have the constant buzzing as well as my face (in random spots), lips, mouth, and tongue. I have a tremor in my right hand. Every doctor that I have seen has done basic bloodwork - Thyroid, Diabetes, etc and all have been repeatedly normal. I feel stuck like no one believes me - is it really in my head like they say? Help...

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