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I agree with what has been said here, too. Not every doctor and patient my opinion, most general Neurologists have better bedside manner than most MS specialists; however in a MS specialist office I have often found the nurse (who is strictly a MS nurse or nurse practioner) to be the strength of the office.

As the other poster said, I have a MS specialist who is also well documented in the MS community and is reknowned for his clinical research and writings....but I cant stand him. Hes a jerk to deal with, I do not get my questions answered to my liking and I feel he is always pushing me towards clinical trials. SO, I see a general neuro, allow him to regulate my meds and order my MRIs, take the whole kit and caboodle to the MS specailist once a year and allow him to review everything- and to this day, still havent had the two of them disagree. (eight years now). It just so happens my general neuro, has a fellowship in MS and is highly interested in MS and staying on top of what is happening. Not all general neuros are like he is. (he also happens to be warm and fuzzy, which works for me).

You keep brining up CFS- this is actually a virus. Are you aware that chronic fatigue starts from a viral infection and is fairly easily ruled out? Not always easy to dx, it is much easier to rule out. Why hasnt anyone tested you for the antibodies for this? Or have they?

You desperately need the further testing...and the fact that you have an appointment at a MS specialist is smart. Make sure between now and that appointment, you get copies of EVERYTHING. Films, Cds, reports, blood work, any other tests you have had....if you can, drop them off before you get there for review. If you cant, take them with you. BUT MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING. Have a master folder of all your tests and results at home at all times, keep copies to give out to the doctors. You will need these things down the road whether you get a dx or not. I find that I sometimes am asked to bring the last 3 MRIs ( a year and a half for me, as I do them every 6 months) to my specialists office, as he is not part of the same health system as my regular Neuro and cant view them online.
Ive also had some unusual neck pain, which is more than likely from an old car accident and whip lash, however I have seen a doctor several times for trigger point injections, she also looks at my cervical MRIs to see if there are changes.

Keep everything one said getting a dx is easy. Only for about 3% of us do we get quick answers. For me, symptoms, and MRI lesions, along with my History and Physical resulted in an instant diagnosis, but I do realize im the exception to the rule.

Hang tough..answers are coming!

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