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My doctor is insisting I get an MRI, I was very surprised that she mentioned checking for MS. I went to see her for my regular check up, I didn't think any of my symptoms would be mentioned as I had accepted what everyone was saying about anxiety including my new counselor. But the info was passed on to her and she brought it up. I still insisted it was just anxiety, but she did some testing anyways. I was very surprised by the results of a couple of the tests when I was in the office. I had been feeling very much normal (not a hundred percent, but the numbing and all was so much better) for a few days before. So I ended up having an unstable Romberg. And I have a residual decreased sharp vs dull sensation on my right side.

She stated that I may have had a Vascular headache with long term sequelae, she's certain it's not a tumor, which wasn't a concern of mine either because of the symptoms. But she mentioned MS several times, so she much be pretty concerned about that.

SO without having insurance the order has been put in. Is it possible to be turned down because I don't have insurance? If it does happen, is it something that will take awhile? and then what will the experience be like? How long does it take? I'm a bit nervous about the MRI, but not freaked. And I'm not too concerned about MS either, because I find it very unlikely that my husband would have two sisters and his wife diagnosed with MS. It's possible, but I think the odds are pretty high. :)

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