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I still don't have a official diagnosis but after seeing 1 orthopedist and 2 neurologist it is becoming clearer that I have MS. My legs are the only body part affected so far and they're shaking so much that it has become very hard to walk even with a cane. My right leg is trembling and my left leg does a movement trying to curl on the inside at every step. I also have severe atrophy on both legs.

My neurologist told me that the test on my right optic nerve shows a deficiency. I wear glasses and my right eye vision suddenly declined 10 years ago but I did not have a double vision at the time so no one suspected MS.

I'm wondering if severe spasm and tremors in the legs with atrophy without affecting the arms can confine someone to a wheelchair eventually. My symptoms have lasted for a year with severe leg pain and the shaking has lasted for 5 months straight and is worsening.

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