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Re: Possible MS???
Sep 12, 2012
[QUOTE=Miched;5054661]So many MS Symptoms, burning legs arms, tingling, crawling sensation, when I lay down I cannot have anything on my legs it hurts too much. Blurry vision, tired, not sleeping. UGGGHHHHHH!!! 3 years now have been to family DOC and NEURO, Neuro said I have Fibro.... it isnt that... back to DOC's month after month and month.... The pain is like a nightmare that comes back every night!!!! So many meds and nothing helps... Lyrica, Cymbalta, T1, T2, T3, Percocets, Hydromorphone... these do not work, I have to take too many and I am soooo tired of taking meds..... EMG Results say I have no reflexes in my left foot, my MRI shows I have 2 brain lessions.... Do I or Don't I have MS... Back to the Neuro in a month. The Doc has now put me on Gabapantin seems to help a little takes the edge off, I am at least able to sleep a bit. Why do I have bain lessions.... what exatly does it mean, does anybody know? I have had 3 separate episodes lasting longer that 24 hours where I could not walk, sore legs, joints, very tired, walked like I was 100 hanging on to the side of counters and couches to support myself... I have also fallen down and lost all feeling in my left leg... very weird sensation my leg was all rubbery. The feeling came back almost right away. All posts would be much appreciated.[/QUOTE]

Do you know where your lesions are in your brain (location)?

In the IMPRESSION portion of the MRI report, did it say that the lesions were consistent with demyelination or multiple sclerosis? MS lesions have a specific look and specific locations they like to settle in.

Numbness in MS tends to last in an exacerbation >24 hours, in fact it has to last >24-48 hours to be considered an exacerbation.

Your trouble with walking, is it related to weakness or stiffness, or pain?

If pain, that may be why you were diagnosed with fibromyalgia which can come with fatigue.

Brain lesions can come from a number of things. What are the differentials that are listed on the IMPRESSION on your MRI, that will give you an idea about what they are thinking.

I hope you feel better fun being in pain.

You might want to ask for some Baclofen or Flexeril for the muscle spasms.

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