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I understand. Gotcha, I had not heard it put that way cause I just thought the radiologist did the report then whatever dr you go to will "finalize the report by interpretation" (or however thats worded on the report). And matter of fact, the reading said there are no white matter lesions, and doesn't show demyelination. When i told my GP nurse I had the report and could give it to them, I told her it says its negative, she said, what does that mean? I have no clue! except there is nothing glaring- yea! (I do have the CD of the images, and I also do not see the glaring white circles which MRIs of MS patients have) but it doesn't say anything about gray matter which is what the eye dr stated on his report when I flunked the VEP. I also only had the brain with/without contrast but my GP is not going to order anymore tests cause he said I am over his head and need to see a specialist... so here we go...

I shouldn't have got on here so quickly to vent. I am just all-together frustrated! Its just been a bad week so I thought I would spew on you all? Whoops! I do appreciate that you understand because NO ONE else in my life does and WEIRD is kinda like word of the day.. well it certainly is for these symptoms and problems for sure! Thanks again to you all!!!
Wow. I just caught up on all I missed. Im glad you feel supported here, thats really important.

Your VEP- an opthamologist isnt really qualified to read this test. A neuro-opthamologist would be. That is a doctor who is crossed trained in diseases of the eye, caused by neurological disorders. If your opthamologist uses this test alot and didnt refer you to a Neuro-Opthamologist, you might want to find out if you should be seeing one. The pressure/ pain you described sounds alot like optical Neuritis, inflammation of the optical nerve. Ive had it, its terrible. My brother, who does NOT have MS, gets ON (optical neuritis) a few times a year...he is watched carefully, but has never shown any signs of MS. No lesions, no Obands, no symptoms. Just the eye pain/ pressure and problems on both his VEP and VFT (visual field test, which measures peripheral vision). You stated that you thought for sure you didnt have ON because your optical nerve wasnt inflammed, that doesnt mean that it hadnt been previously....

There are plenty of diseases which mimic MS which do not require brain lesions or even Cspine lesions- things like NMO and Chiari Malformation come to mind based on your symptoms.

Now, I have to ask...why the GP managing all this? Hes admitted it is out of his realm of specialty - so why does he have to manage all of this? Is it a HMO rule where you NEED to go through the primary? Im just questioning why everything has depended on him getting results, sending charts, etc. Ive NEVER heard of a neurologist who wants things from a GP before...

And, to agree with MS22, the MD who read your MRI was a radiologist; hopefully a good one. 99% of hospitals have radiologists who specialize in brain disorders or neurological disorders, as opposed to the radiologists who primarily read things like abdominal issues......these radiologists sign off on the bottom of the MRI report and send it to your doctor. (you can also request they send it to you). When something supspicious comes up- OR if something life threatening appears, the doctor gets a call immediately - however, in many cases, doctors who are specialists read their own MRI films. My MS Specialist wont read the radiologists report until he makes his own impression- fortunately for me, to date, they have always seen the exact same thing and come to the same conclusion. But my MS doc, likes to play a game which in his mind is "Ill bet I see something the radiologist didnt see". Its never happened yet.....but Im sure eventually one of the two will see something the other doesnt see. That should make for an interesting appointment...

Nevertheless. You really do have good news. No demylination suggests that this isnt MS- no lesions is also a huge thing. Grey matter? The brain is 75% grey matter....if YOU or I look at our films, we cant tell what is supposed to be there or not supposed to be there...but then you and I didnt go to school for ten years to figure it out, right? Im just happy when I see my brain scan to know the brain is still where its supposed to be. In my world, the little things make me happy.

Try not to stress. You are on your way to getting answers, and it appears that your answers might actually be very good news...hang tight. By all means, know that you are not alone and we ALL understand and care...and please keep us posted.


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