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Hello everyone,
I am a 47yr old female with so many seemingly unrelated symptoms. Firstly I am very healthy, not overweight, normally happy disposition, and run a very busy home. Then I developed 3 different types and stages of symptoms which began with the following isolated incident.

Late last year (2011) I woke out of a sound sleep and needed the toilet. I got out of bed and fell to the left, hitting the wall. It felt like my brain was all on the left and the room was spinning. I wall-walked to the loo and back to bed again. As long as I lay on my back I was fine but if I lay on either side the room spun. The next day I was just slightly lightheaded but otherwise fine.

Symptom 1: [U]Intermittent Blurring of Vision[/U] In Feb (2012) my vision went rapidly downhill. It was deteriorating at an alarming rate so I saw my GP who said it was typical of my age and time for glasses. Went to Optometrist and got glasses but continued to have daily bouts of blurred vision, even with the glasses on, usually in my right eye, while the other eye was clear but just occasionally it would switch eyes and the usually bad right eye would be clear but the left eye would be blurry. I had aching eyeballs which I assumed was eyestrain because it stopped with glasses and when the blurring was bad I would get pain with each blink in my right eye. I've also had icepick zaps of sharp pain through my left eyeball once.

Symptom 2: [U]Weird Episodes[/U] Between April and August (2012) I had what I called 'weird episodes'. One in April, one in June, one in July and 3 in August. They always started late at night with dizzyness/lightheadedness (not room spinning), nausea and sudden need for bowel movement quickly followed by violent uncontrollable shakes that would last for up to 2 hours and then just as suddenly stop and I'd be just fine again. Too weird, almost like poisoning but it wasn't.

Symptom 3: [U]Numbness/Tingling/Electric Zaps[/U] These symptoms began during one of my last weird episodes. It started with a numb feeling in my left cheek and an icy cold burning spot in the center of my forehead right between my eyes. I am still having this intermittent problem but it has progressed to include other areas.

For example, one evening my left toes went numb, then my whole left leg and left side of genitals went numb. Changing position didn't help. I'm not talking dead numb but like after the dentist when the feeling is on the way back but not there yet. Other times I will have an icy burning patch on my left shin and kind of numb on the inside edge of my left foot. Also my usually HOT feet are often FREEZING, more on the inside than the outside. They feel like they're full of ice to the point of aching.

Then my leg came right and on and off for the last month it's been my arms that are being attacked and this is the worst yet for me. When it happens I get a burning constant pain in BOTH wrists (that seems weird to me) and electric shock type pains in my wrists and across the backs of some fingers and intense aching in both my whole arms. It feels like the circulation is being cut off in my upper arms and the muscles on the underside of my forearms feel like they're clenched tight but they aren't really, it's just a feeling. At the same time all this is happening I'm numb down the outer edge of both hands and tingling in my pinkies.

One day I had sudden extremely sharp pain in my right shoulder while driving. I couldn't even lift my hand from lap back to steering wheel. Ten mins later it suddenly was fine again with full range of movement. Then that evening I was carrying 2 not too heavy bags in each hand from van to house when suddenly the pain hit again, but this time it was in my left shoulder and I dropped the bags. 5 minutes later all was well again.

So to summarise: I no longer have weird episodes and I haven't had anymore leg numbness for awhile. But I have ongoing DAILY intermittent blurring of vision that now regularly alternates from eye to eye. I recently went to a neuro/othalmologist who said there's nothing wrong with my eyes and gave me drops for dry eyes which have helped with the painful blinks but not the blurring.

And these arm symptoms leave me in tears because I just can't make them stop. I have just had a brain MRI without contrast and am waiting for results.
In Feb I had my first late period and in August I missed my first whole period but other than that I'm still regular as clockwork so perhaps just starting peri-menopause. Surely all this is just too bizzare to be caused by menopause.
I've had 24hour urine tests, lots of blood tests, b12, copper, zinc, magnesium, etc and so far all fine. Have also been tested for Meniere's.

I usually have a pretty high pain threshold and I loathe taking medication. I'm not big on running to the GP for every little thing. The reason I'm looking at the possibility of MS is because my father had ms and it started at exactly my age.

I'm sorry this is SOOO long but I've been bottling it up for ages and don't like to bother people. I won't be offended if it's too long and doesn't get read or commented on. It's helped just to get it all down. Thanks for allowing me to share.

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