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I am new here and not sure if I am in the correct area to ask these kind of questions, so my apologies if I am. I will try and make this short but 4 months ago I was running a 5k and didn't feel well that morning to go run it but I did anyways, I had been feeling fatigued lately. About half way through running my left foot became completely numb and it moved up my leg. Weird, that has never happened to me before.
Things got better and about a month later I started to get hit with waves of fatigue and very bad headaches in the back of my head and in my neck and my left eye area ached a little . Then I started to get weird sensations in my left foot and leg... very tingly, buzzing like sensations.
I went to see my PCP and he made me appt to see a nuerologist and they did a MRI of my brain and of the cervical spine. My brain MRI came back fine and the one of my cervical spine looked ok except for some bone spurs and possibly some narrowing of the spinal cord. They said, maybe problem there... but they aren't convinced that is my problem.

After that, I got some better again, but just over these past two weeks I have been hit really hard with fatigued, pain in my neck and my back kidney area... almost like I have been punched or squeezed. The tingly, buzzing sensations in my left foot and leg are intense at times and I now I can't walk very well. I can't even take a shower, the water hitting my legs feels horrible! I feel very weak on my left side. I seem to be in a fog, can't think anymore and not sure if it's from anxiety or what?

I see a hematologist tomorrow and for reasons I don't know why? And I am getting MRI's done of the Thoracic and lumbar spine on Thurs.
I guess if my MRI's come back clean they will do a lumbar puncture and a nerve conductor test.
All I know at this point is that I don't feel like the same person I used to be just 4 months ago. I feel like I am becoming paralyzed and my mental state is fading. I am a mom to 3 kids. 2 of them are young... only 9 and 11. I am 45 years old and praying for some answers. I can barely take care of myself sometimes.

Thank you for anyone that reads this and that can reply. My thoughts are with so many that are struggling just as I am.


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