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[QUOTE=Mumof10;5077051][B][/B][COLOR="Red"]October 23rd, 2012: (NZ time) 5 – 8pm [/COLOR]Extreme cramping of toes in both feet but particularly left foot. Feet feel icy on the inside. The cramps come in bouts. When they’re happening I can barely walk, I stand funny and rock around trying to find a position to make it stop. When the bout is over I can walk again but with the sensation of ‘almost cramp’ constantly. The slightest wrong move and my toes would cramp up again. By 8pm I had no more cramp. Just a slightly crampy feeling remained but wriggling my toes didn’t set it off anymore.

8.15pm Relaxed on couch reading to my children. Noticed a tender patch of skin on the left side of my face, just above the jaw line. Then I developed numbness on the left side of my face only. Forehead, nose, lower part of cheek, lips, and jaw. Then I felt a vibrating/trembling feeling through the left side of my nose and lip/lower cheek area. I was sure it would be noticeable but my children couldn’t see it.

8.30 Went to the computer to start typing up these strange symptoms but suddenly had the most urgent need to move my bowels that I’ve ever had in my life. Literally ran to the loo and lost everything in 2 seconds flat. Not diarrhea….just totally no bowel control. Began slight shakes after that for about half an hour.

9.45pm Crampy pain in left arm and left leg up to the knee. Still have tender skin on left side of face which has spread up to my cheek but not really numb anymore. Also the same tender skin on underside of left forearm.

The loss of bowel control has got me a bit worried. I've never experience an urgency like that before. My diet hasn't changed. I don't have diarrhea. I usually go regularly and normally once or twice a day. I'm not sick in my stomach, so what on earth is going on with me?
Any ideas....anyone??[/QUOTE]

These can be anxiety related OR stress related. If you have MS, stress or anxiety can trigger symptoms because your body is literally under attack. With any attack, your body, in a weakened state, will experience failures at weak points throughout the body.

I do not think you need to avoid the internet. I think you can learn much and gain support by hanging out at sites like this and avoiding those sites which offer you hints, clues, and self-diagnosis. When your body is under attack, your mind is left open to suggestions and people tend to try things to get better. What you need to do is to take a breath and observe. Something is triggering your problems and you have to wear the detective hat. Keep a journal and you can develop your own personal case file. Look for events or activities or foods or smells.....that preceded your symptom presentation.

For me, bowel and bladder frequency increases when I am headed for a crash. I use these as signals to "buck up" and I take the time to stop, rest, and recover. I realize that as you have young children that this can be difficult. I found that my three year old (at the time) was just as happy that I could read to him in my own bed or that Thomas the Tank Engine could still explore while atop my bed. You might need to make adjustments, but I think you can.

As to the cramping, this could be issues with calcium and magnesium or with hydration. I stay well hydrated throughout the day and I stretch stretch stretch and then stretch some more!

As to the facial numbness, I get it constantly with my MS. I call it Droopy Face after the cartoon dog. My neuro told me to look in the mirror and smile and observe. If your smile is drooping on one side, it means there is some paralysis affecting your facial muscles. There have been a few times when this has affected my eating, but for the most part, like my MS Hug, it is just an annoyance!

I hope you stick around because you are not alone. If you need some support, we are here. Knowing that you are not alone is good medicine to me!! :angel:

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