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Hello everyone. I'll start with my story first and then give you *** the impression and hope someone can help.

I've always been a fairly healthy person with no major medical issues. On April I woke up one morning and both of my hands felt numb on the outside of them, near the pinkies. This numbness never went away and about a week later I woke up and both of my entire hands felt numb and tingly. Wow...this is re***y annoying, i thought. No cause for concern yet. It will go away I thought. Then within another week I wake up and not only do my hands feel numb, now they are hurting. Time to c*** the Dr. I go in and see the Dr in May and have *** kinds of blood work done. Everything comes back negative and the pain in my hands is getting worse. I was sent to an arthritis Dr. That gets ruled out but he prescribes me 300MG of Gabapentin to take 3 times a day for the pain. This does work on the pain but the tingling and numbness never ever goes away. I then get sent to have some nerve tests done on my hands and that *** comes back clear. Ugh! Im frustrated now of course. One day I decided to look up Gabapentin to see what it is used for and MS is one of the first things that pop up. My mom was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago. My brain is going in circles now and I c*** the Dr. She informes me that MS isn't hereditary but that people who have a first degree relative with MS are more likely to get it. She looks over my MRI results from 4 years ago and says it was *** normal with no lesions so she don't think thats what it is but we will schedule you for the MRI of the cervical spine and brain just to make sure. Insurance denied the MRI of the brain so I went in and had the cervical spine done last week.

Impression: At the posterior aspect of the cord at the C2-3 level there is a bright signal lesion on T2-weighted measuring 5mm in AP dimension X 8mm in cephalocaudel dimension.
This may represent an MS plaque but other entities can not be ruled out.

What does this mean???

I've not had anything else going on. No pain or numbness anywhere else. No trouble with balance, memory loss, or anything. I have a history of severe migrain headaches. Is it likely this is MS? I'm scared.

It took a few days but the Dr office was able to get the insurance to authorize the MRI of the brain based on these results and I have an appt for that late this afternoon. With and without contrast. I'm sure I wont get the results on that until late next week though and Im scared and impatient.

Also, is MS worse if it is on the spine? My mom only has lesions in her brain. I know two other people with MS and of the 3 I know with it, the one who has the lesions on her spine also is the one who has the most problems due to the disease. She is disabled completely at this point. I am scared of that happening.

I know this was long and if you read this far...thank you.

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