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Re: Ms
Oct 26, 2012
Everything Jayhawk said is true, but I just wanted to add.....MS mimics 300 other diseases. There is no specific test for MS, but in order to be diagnosed with it, doctors follow the McDonald criteria, which is a series of tests, looking for lesions on a MRI, as well as symptoms from your history and physical. The biggest part of diagnosing MS is ruling out everything else.

Many things which mimic MS can be ruled out with simple blood work- but many people wait years to get a MS dx due to not having all the criteria met. You wouldnt want to be labeled with MS, unless they were sure.

Having MS is different for everyone. Some of us work fulltime and go to school fulltime and manage our homes without any issues; others, have disabilities which hinder their mobility or ability to work. And, there is someone at every level in between. It is not a death sentence and most MSers live perfectly normal long, please dont start getting too freaked out! You really should contact a MS specialist ( a neuro who specializes in MS) who can both rule out or diagnose MS.....


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