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Hello everyone i am new in the term in Possible MS and i apologize first for my bad grammar in English its not my main language but i ask of u kindly to read my experience and worries atm i have no support group or anyone who understand what im going here it is.

around agust 10 2012 i started to have my feet going into tingling mode
then it kept going up..since i use to work as cleaning maintenance i though it was cause i over work since i use to work 6 days a week from 11pm to 7 am
and i dint sleep well, b4 all of that i had a episode of feeling out of breath i quickly droped work and went into ER thinking something was wrong but i had 100% of my breathing capability so they i just though it was cause i havent slept well cause of work i only slept like 1hour or 30min to then go back to work i only slep on me free day which basically i came out during morning, at some point when working my mind wend blank and i stoped doing my work for a second then i snapped out of it i never had that problem..

later on on one of my breaks i ate and kinda took a short nap..but when i wake up is when i had my feet tingling and restless systom...i just though like i said it was cause i over worked and dint sleep..but days passed and it kept going up from my feet to my legs felt like my musles were tightening and hard tingling kept going to my hip.. thats when i though something was wrong with i went to ER..they though it was Guillain-Barre syndrome but..all the test came back negative to that..

they kept asking me about my health and family health issues

my family never had ms in the past we only have in the family some minor stuff

i was hospitalized for a 3days i had a lot of blood taken out to test..

on my 3rd day i got my spinal tap
then 4th day i got my MRI ..creepy tunnel of annoying sound..i might say it wasn't pleasant then on my 5th day..they started to treat me with some thing called Solu-Medrol for 3 days .. every time they put that liquid into my vain i felt my hands tingling since the tingling and numbness kinda affected my hands also my right hand felt like i had arthritis couldn't take a pen well

but after the 3 days of Solu-Medrol feet started to feel well again my right one i started to feel on the touch on skin normaly and tingling.. after the 3rd a group of specialist ..neuro, psych,gastro,etc a group of ppl came and..just told me i had multiple lessions on my brain scattered they were 2mm..that they think its delimiting disease they dint mention MS at all since i was in ER and i was there w.o a health care provider..etc at some point i got moved into a room..since i could walk normal and had my balance still..i just dint have my right hand working well so they release me from hospital that i could care for my self since i could walk etc since they knew it wast the other thing..and i knew they knew something that they weren't telling me cause of how i would react..they just told me to get the laboratory result and mri results to go to a neurology clinic to continue treatment.. they referred me to it but they still dint mention ms..just some delimiting disease and some code after the word...

so i called next day to make and appointment. i was released from hospital on September 1 i felt great still abit of restless leg systom but my hand kept improving after 2weeks i everything was normal i though..around thous days on the 3rd week. one i woke up and my eyes couldn't stop moving side to side..for about 4min..i just closed my eyes till it was gone..i got up and ate something..and i felt better..(oh did i mention i was having trouble retaining the urges to go to bathroom some times it leaked at hospital)
same thing happened at home for the first week but it went away..
later on i had some weird feeling like my head was on fire..after that i went to sleep and forgot about it but when i woke up my head felt on fire and my right side of face..and i felt dizzy

i also felt my lower back beating and my head beating my head move couldn't sleep well
since they told me to get results after 4 weeks..
i had alot bad experience ending of the month of September

so on September 22 i went to look for all my results..
so i got the result reading from mri and lab mri was on a cd and readings were on paper lab was only all new things in health u cant rly wait to give it to a doctor u have the urge to open the letter and look ur self..
so i did all was fine.. except my spinal fluid and mri and they did a MS exam..
which they never told me!..
in thous lab result showed in reading what i strongly evidence that i had MS
honestly i am a calm person but b4 i got my result...i started to have panic attacks and anxiety ..and was becoming paranoid looked on webpage of what possible thing could be etc.. etc.. which did no good i just became more stressed and my health went down...but support from my family was there even though they though i was fine and it was just mental for a wile till they
saw me that i was started to be depressed and have a lot of weird symptoms and they saw me not they started to support me and talking to them about how u feel made me feel better

.. October also been weird..with the percipience of a supposedly sperm shaped thing on my eye sight on right side and bait on the left..but later on when i went to ER again..they said they were floaters..i use eye glasses for almost half of my life

October was mostly panic stacks..and gastro problems..i had acid reflux and eyelids twitching up from my ear twitching muscle spasm and pain on my back..mostly lower back and neck and ..well all the back sometimes and ..honestly since all this happen i been burping like a lot and when i look down i feel like a current of tingling all from my neck below hand and feet ...everyday.. weird current

i still haven't gone to my neuro clinic appointment
cause i still dint have a primary doctor till nov 1 which i have to see to complacently refer me to the one i made an appointment to which is on nov 15..but i been on ER for a lot gastro of the doctor was kind enough to look all my results..and saw..that indeed i had Strong evidence that i had ms... so im still on the i do have ms but not on treatment cause of personal situations cause i dint have a medical plan or health care till recently

all i hope in god that my primary doctor tells me i do have it and start treatment quickly..cause i been in ER a lot from end of sept and October..and must doctor i shown result..they said i was lucky to be found on early stages of ms.. and the doctor who sent me to a hospital with their own group of specialist i thanked her cause if it wasn't for her i wouldn't had been transferred and sent home like it was nothing

all n all i still on the loop in not having treatment..

and 1 day im ok the other i have a new weird feeling
im a mellow person so having ms for me is not bad nor anything if it is ms
well hope ms understand that i could care less about it cause im just gona continue living my life but atm is stress full since this is the first time i posted on a forum having no one to understand u in rl is painfully in the emotional expect but little by little i will do finding a support group in my area etc i just hope..i wont go on w.o treatment for long time cause all of this symptoms sometimes annoys me..

ty for reading..and hope u post of what u think etc..

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