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I desperatley need to hear some advice an i geuss encouragement. I am a 48 year old female. Very active usually pretty healthh. This last year an a halfi have had strange things occuring at diffrent time. Finally last week i made my second visit in a week because i was having so much pain i couldnt stand it. An the pain was like a pinball machine in me. It would.go from here to there for no apparent reason.i had a cervical mri an brain mri w an wo contrast on monday an they found lesions. My symptoms first started that i knkw of last october an began with extreme dizzyness room movimg type scared the heck out of me an lasted good month. Doc said was season.change. after that i started experincing severe night sweat waking up with my hair wet. I would get up an drink a whole sprite shed some.clothes an go back to bed. Next sypmton was few months later an there would be nights i would wake up in the morning with my hands being numb an tingling. Then in april.severe vertigo again. Went to er the treated me for sinus infection after doin cat scan an nothin showed up. Next i started having pain in my upper arms. I thought i pulled a muscle as my work is strenous. It never went away. I have had numbness in upper part of my feet. Had cat scan on my knee showed arthritis. I do have a bulging disc at c5 c6 area an thought all this was related to.that except.dizziness. i got so.dizzy that i would fall up against the shower wall. So i go to dr he does.full blood work up an i have a vitamin d defiency. Now he is mention ms an orders the mris. I got the reports an see bim.Friday. my.mind is.foggy an have.trouble stayin focused an forget everything. Not tk mention my bladder i can have a cew drinks.of tea in morning an have to pee like every half hour to 45 minutes. My bowel movementsare usually first thi.g in am an go.from.constipation to couple times a day. An when i gotta go theres no waitng. Iam very nervous for my appointment fridah. I all leads to ms an that is what he is lookin for. Tonite ive had pings i call them jere an there toes fingers here an there. My mind is very foggy an my anxkety is over the too. Any noise makes me jumping. What i am reading all makes sense if it is ms. It all over last year one thing after another. I own my own business wbich is stressful an strenous im.scared that i will be disabled an not be able to work. Also i am very sensitive to strong meds due to long term.stomach issues. Please advice on is vkt d defency related to ms. I am on.supplements. also at nite.i.crave sweets an yeasty donuts daily. aboit li ing a normal life an provide an income. I am my only employee. Thanks in advance as i am panicku over this. Tami

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