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Ms or not
Nov 8, 2012
hello, this is my first time on line here, i need all your help and opinions please!

since feb. 2012 every 5 to 6 weeks i was getting left leg weakness, had touse a cane , now its about every 2 weeks this happens.
a year before winter/spring 2011 i ended up in emergency with chest pain, and had an angiogram ..all clear
this year august, went to emerg. for sever abdominal pain left side that i had for 2 weeks, mri....inflammed colon...1 week later colonoscopy says all clear,
tingling burning itching all over face hands arms legs for the last 2 years
actually the burning inn legs started 12 years ago?
now just today had a shocking sting along the thigh of my bad leg (left)
ENT says i have hearing loss in both ears, dysphagia and i went for throat swalloing Xray tuesday of this week and will see a neurologist nov.29th, had blood and urine tests done, severe vitamin D defficiency, high para thyroid level and borderling potassium....some please tell if you had these symptoms, of MS
thanks , ms or not;):angel:

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