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[QUOTE=Pemberley;5089231]Has anyone ever tried taking antibiotics to help their MS? Some MSers have been getting better by using antibiotics. Also do a search of the following terms: “chlamydia pneumoniae & help & treatment”.

Two neuros at Vanderbilt University developed this antibiotic protocol that has helped many people. These neuros have patented their protocol for humanitarian reasons as big Pharma will not back it because they cannot make any money on cheap, generic antibiotics and they would rather keep all of us on expensive DMD’s to make a pretty penny.

I am on the antibiotic protocol now and already feel better. I wonder if there are there any people here that have heard of this protocol or tried it?[/QUOTE) Just my opinion, but, as most doctor's states, do not take antibiotic's for colds or for any other reason, because it will lose its effectiveness, and cause other issues.

MS is a totally different monster and should be treated in my opinion with the MS therapies already out there. Taking those will slow the progression, hault most of the flares and that in itself will make you feel much better. If you can't afford them, most of them offer programs that will pay for them. You just have to contact the manufacturer of which therapy you are interested in and see what they have to offer.

I feel, you are taking a huge risk on your life, in case you ever get an illness that requires antibotics to recover from. But you need to do the research yourself on the consequences of taking antibiotics for anything other than what they are intended for (Not MS). Just google it.....

Good luck in whatever you decide.
[QUOTE=Pemberley;5110306]I have now met 2 women that were diagnosed with MS that have used the Antibiotic Protocol and one has been symptom free for 10 years and the other symptom free for 7 years since being on antibiotcs. The infection that MSer's have is called chlamydia pneumoniae. I tested way high in titer tests for this infection. There is a really interesting video regarding this infection and MSers which appeared on an Australian TV show called "Catalyst". I would rather take the chance at taking antibiotics and being symptom-free than doing nothing or taking DMD's which only slow down the disease by a small margin. If you have never read about the Vanderbilt Protocol then it is worth your time to read about it in full. Do not put down one person's decision to buck the MS system. We each have to live in the body's that God has given us. And it is each of our right's to do what we think is best for our health. I will come back periodically to let you all know of my success with antibiotics.[/QUOTE]Hi Pemberley, I have had MS for at least 18 years and once knowing, have been on the DMD's to hopefully slow the progression. I do have to say, once on these meds, it haulted all my normally, annual flares which made me more or less symptom free. It has only been this last year when things have changed for me. But, what if I did not take these meds, where would I be today.

In regard to the antibiotic therapy, I need to read about it, and thank you for giving us what to research on.

However, what every doctor states is that taking antibiotic's for colds or flu's makes it where the antibiotics do not work when it is actually needed. Plus creates other issues.

I do agree though about MS and infections as I am always battling infections in my body.

I think with anyone who has MS, it is up to each individual, what direction they wish to take.

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