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:wave: I am glad you are seeing an MS Specialist.

While lesions in MS can be described with the term "Dawsons Fingers": Especially diagnostic are oval or linear regions of demyelination, oriented perpendicularly to the ventricular surface; they correspond to the radially oriented fiber bundles of the white matter and periventricular veins. When viewed in sagittal images, they extend outward from the corpus callosum in a fimbriated pattern and have been termed 'Dawson Fingers'

The term is purely RADIOLOGICAL and not Neurological. The Dawson's Fingers is named after Dr. Dawson a neuropathologist long since deceased.

While there are "typical" lesions which fit into the "likely MS" category, the MRI image remains a non-specific test for MS. It is just one of the tests used in the MS diagnosis. Migraine, high fever, infections, etc can cause lesions. Read the Revised McDonald Criteria as that is the guideline your MS Specialist should be following.

At this point in your "journey" you are on the right path. Relax and try not to worry. There are over 300 diseases which will have to be eliminated as possible reasons for your problems.

Again, ;wave: welcome! :angel:

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