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I was on this board a while back, but I forgot my login, so I re-registered. Anyway, here's my story: in the fall of last year, I started having shooting pain that would occur in my wrist and "electrify" all the fingers of my right hand. Sometimes my ring finger would twitch out of control. The pain progressed until I was almost certain I had tendonitis...but no clue as to how I could have gotten it. I bought a wrist brace, which only kept me from using my wrist, but it didn't alleviate the pain. Then in late November of last year, the pain completely vanished as mysteriously as it had come.

In December of last year, I started having a pain like a terrible bruising in the upper part of my left eye. It would intensify when I moved my eye or made any expression involving my eyebrows. That lasted for two weeks and then, just as mysteriously as the wrist problem, it went away.

I was fine up until July of this year, when I began to experience intense sensitivity to light in my left eye. Going out in the sunlight or any kind of bright light caused tremendous pain and, working under fluorescent lighting 8 hours a day, the pain was everlasting and would trigger a sensation like I was overheated and my brain was swelling. I also began to experience trouble swallowing and had several coworkers ask me if I had hurt myself because apparently, I was limping. After going to 3 different doctors who insisted acute sinusitis and migraines, I finally got one of them to order an MRI in August.

However, only days before my MRI, I ended up in the ER with a kidney stone out of the blue. I have never had any urinary or kidney problems in my life, so this was a real shocker (and I might add a VERY PAINFUL one at that). I survived the kidney stone and had my MRI and lo and behold the results were abnormal. It showed multiple lesions on my brain, so my doctor referred me to a neurologist, who ordered two more MRIs, then a spinal tap that made me lose a week of work because I got the dreaded spinal headache and the neurologist finally ordered a blood patch after I suffered with it for four whole days. The MS panel on the spinal tap came back negative, so he said "Well, no MS. I don't know why you have this eye problem; it's probably migraines. I'll want to send you for another MRI in 6 months." I was angry; I'm still angry, and I have not gone back to the neurologist.

By this time, I was experiencing double- and triple-vision, so I did see an ophthalmologist who said my eyes are perfectly healthy other than an astigmatism. He said my eye pain and triple-vision could very well be symptoms of MS, but he had no way of knowing for sure.

I went back to my regular doctor and told her everything that had happened. She thinks I do have MS and suggested that I see a specialist, however, I really am not up for being poked and prodded and tested and still getting no answers again. My question is, if I have MS, is it urgent that I see a specialist? What's the worst that could happen if I just let it be?

My current symptoms are as follows:
Very painful sensitivity to light
Trouble swallowing
Trouble gripping objects (I drop things a lot)
Losing train of thought
Memory struggles
Trouble breathing deeply
Random muscle spasms/twitching

Sorry for the long post. I'm not afraid of MS; I only want to get on with my life and I really would like some answers and/or advice from anyone who's been there. Thanks in advance!

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