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Thanks for the support, all. I just had my MRI the other day, and no news yet.

(This MRI was my first, and it was actually one of the most traumatic experiences of my life... it took hours because they had to keep scanning the same parts over and over again due to unintended motion, the machine broke and they had to move me to another one, but not until after they left me lying inside the machine for 5-10 minutes, not talking to me or telling me what was going on. Then it took ten minutes and 4 separate attempts by 3 different nurses to get a needle into my vein, meanwhile I was caged onto the MRI table, immobile and crying. After they finally succeeded, they said they were sorry and then I just got shoved back into the MRI for the last round.)

By the way, I just reviewed my blood tests from a few weeks ago and I didn't notice anything that tested my Vitamin B/B12 levels. The only vitamin test I can see is Vitamin D, which is labeled "Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy," while everything else looks like it's testing for antibodies and stuff. This surprised me because I thought Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the most common things that mimics MS, and I am also mostly vegetarian... which they didn't ask me during any of my appointments. I'm absolutely going to go out and get a Vitamin B supplement tomorrow. I'm presuming since I was deficient in Vitamin D, it's quite possible I'd be deficient in Vitamin B!
But what I'm wondering is: if they did actually test for B12, would the test be called something else on my records?
Should I complain to my doctor?

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