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Re: Is This MS?
Dec 26, 2012
I also want to add that it appears from what you wrote, that you might be looking up your symptoms. Please, if thats what you did, dont do it! MS mimics 400 diseases- there is no one test for MS- and when you look up things like numbness or tingling, youll always come across MS because it is one of the most researched diseases. Your chances of actually having MS are 1:400.

Your symptoms sound very much like they are vascular or possibly cardio in nature. Not much you actually wrote sounds MS like; however, that doesnt rule it out. MS docs are hard to get appointments with and usually very expensive. I know in my part of the world, none of them take although I would never tell you NOT to go to one, in the meantime, Id be asking my primary to rule out some other things which he can do. Your stress test can change from month to month; so just because it was normal then, doesnt make it necessarily normal now. You might want to repeat that. You may also want to have an EKG to check on things; both of these tests are non invasive and easily done.

I wish you better health in the new year...but please know that you wont get a quick answer even if you are to get a relatively quick appointment. The testing for MS can take months, and even years in some cases to get answers on. The first step is to have a MRI of the brain and Cspine with and without contrast. To familiarize yourself further with diagnostics for MS, take a look at the revised McDonald criteria. This is what all doctors use to test for MS.

Good luck...

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