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Update - Neuro Appt
Dec 31, 2012
I saw my new neuro on the 18th. Obviously, I have no answers yet, but I think the appt mostly went well. In short, he did a physical exam, including several balance & coordination tests. My heel-to-toe was miserable & I couldn't hop on one leg. He asked me what happened with the hopping & I didn't really know what to tell him....I just couldn't make my body obey me. I don't really know how to explain it. He did some nerve conduction studies which were normal in my hands/arms, but a little delayed in my legs. I know this points away from MS since that means peripheral damage. He still ordered an MRI, though, because of the Lhermitte's sign & because he said I could have more than one issue going on. Despite the evidence of peripheral damage, some features are still suggestive of MS. He also ordered a ton of bloodwork to screen for all of the usual MS mimics.

So, I'm just waiting for him to be back in the office on Wednesday & call me with some results! I don't have another appt yet. He said he'd call when they got all of the results back & decide from there what needed to be done.

I considered getting a copy of my MRI but ultimately chickened out....I suspect that it would just give me something to freak out over. As impatient as I am, it's probably best to wait until I can go over it with the neuro. I'm honestly already a little freaked because of the MRI tech. She asked me some questions about my symptoms before the MRI, which I know they are trained to do. I understand the reasons behind it. But afterwards, she asked me more questions, like what type of coordination issues I was having, if I had trouble walking, etc. She seemed overly concerned & seemed like she was watching me walk, noting my odd gait. She also seemed very concerned about when I would see my neuro again. Maybe I am just being paranoid, but it seemed odd.

Hopefully I will hear something soon. I don't want MS, but I DO want an answer!

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