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I agree with Jayhawk on this one. There is not much you can do until you get the report and Xrays back....however, I wouldnt think that MS should be high on your list of concerns.

MS numbness and pain isnt like what you are describing. Its neuropathic in nature, not located in joints, and doesnt randomly happen. Its sticks around because it is caused by damage to the myelin sheath, the protective coating to the nerves. This can only be seen by an MRI.

Usually when people post things like you did, they have been looking up symtoms. Its not unusual to find MS when you look up tingling or numbness. Its the most looked up symptom in the world. The reality is that MS mimics 400 other diseases, thus, you have a one in 400 chance of actually having MS. If you were looking up symptoms, please also keep in mind that the most looked up symptoms, always show up first- it doesnt mean its the most likely reason for your symptoms.

Anxiety can produce alot of symptoms, many which mimic MS by nature...knowing that you are prone to anxiety, I would be asking your doctor to suggest some therapies- either cogntive or drug- which can take the edge off and help you get through this period of unknown. In the meantime, I suggest getting lots of rest, and also exercise....both of these things help our bodies cope with stress and anxiety.

Welcome to healthboards.....but I dont think you need to be focused on MS at this time.

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