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well i never done anything like this before but i don't know where to turn so here it goes...theres been a lot of things ive been keeping to myself for several reason being sometimes i feel im crazy and if i think that whos to say whom i share it with wont think so. but to get some background i've had sciatica for over 3 yrs now keep in mind my medical sux and always has so i've never had treatment or even figured what causes it. i use to only get it in 1 leg now i get in both but not at the same time.but now the past few mouths many more weird abnormal things have been happening on and off not all the time... it can last a few days or a few weeks and the things im about to tell u about i can have them all on a flare up or just a few or one.i'll start with the tingling (pins n needles) the first time it happened i remember it so clear it was very scarey it was over the summer and it was late afternoon and all of sudden it felt like me feet both fell asleep. and then slowly it started to creep up my legs and then my mid-section down my arms and into my head and my whole body felt like it was asleep. i don't know how long it lasted exactly, it felt like forever and when it stopped it stopped just as it came and slowly trickled down my body. now when i get tingling its in different spots at different times.ok so then there so twitching/muscle spasms (i dont know it they are the same the are to me lol) but i get them in my eyes both and in my legs more in the right and in my face and neck. aching and burning feeling i get in my arms and face. at times my legs feel heavy and weak and like my knee is about to buckle. i also get random numbness everywhere not at the same time different spots different times. ok back to my eyes i get spells of blurry vision and some double vision there has also been times i look at something and it looks like is vibrating. and i dunno i just get like sudden spells of achy and itchiness. there has also been a handful of times i felt like i got zapped in the neck like something electric. and my husband has noticed i zone out lot and i forget simple things i normally wouldn't.i sometimes feel it takes me longer to learn and comprehend something new lately. but then there is a couple embarrassing things so don't laugh. i pee alot! i mean my family said u just went lol i get sudden feeling like i have to go now and i do.. i've also had a weak blater and have had embarrassing moments where i wet myself sneezing laughing coughing and constipation issues feels like ibs. i really don't know what is going on and it scares me... but i have crappy medical and i don't have it in me to get push around like i did when i need surgery to remove bad tooth i cant do it again.. i had to pay for that surgery out of pocket and i don't have money for another medical issue. can someone please help with ideas?

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