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Hi there-
So I'm writing this post to get some feedback on folks' opinions and experiences. I'm currently seeing a neurologist and undergoing some tests, but I have no definitive answers, and am concerned about whats been going on.

So, here are the facts and issues:
I'm a 22 year old male, who received a diagnosis of Essential Tremor (ET) at the age of 5. As a child and teen, my hands shook, and I had a quaver in my voice which were exacerbated by all the usual triggers (stress, tiredness, hunger, anxiety).
About 2-3 years ago, I developed a pretty pronounced head tremor, as well as "shaky legs". My hands and voice continue to be issues, but the head shaking draws a great deal of attention and is quite embarrassing. Typically, Essential Tremors (ETs) do not "progress", like mine did. However, the diagnosis still stands.

Other symptoms which have appeared in the last 24 months are:

frequent nighttime urination
lack of coordination*
difficulty finding words
frequent forgetfulness/memory issues
frequent tripping

(*not constant/ peaks and valleys)

I also had an MRI performed which showed "multiple punctuate foci visible with absent GRE signals in all areas of the brain". It was explained that these were "old" bleeds, but their cause and age is unknown. The neurologist said it was within "normal range", but typically not seen in someone my age. I have not had any concussions or head trauma. I had an MRI in 1996 to help diagnose the ET, and no lesions were noted. Today I had a second MRI, and am scheduled for a cat-scan to try and determine the age and make up of these lesions.

While I don't want to sound doubtful, I do have reservations about whether MS is being overlooked due to my previous Essential Tremor diagnosis. I was put on a beta-blocker to help with the ETs, but it made my blood pressure average at 85/45, and did not help my head shaking, so the medication was discontinued.

I'm curious to see if there are any other folks who are around my age that have had, or have similar symptoms--especially men. From what I've read, MS affects women 3x's more often, and I feel like I'm an anomaly, and concerned that there is more going on than just essential tremors.

In addition, what are the "tell tale" MRI signs, if any?

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