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In January I had a motor nerve conduction test (showed damage on right side, but he Neuro stated he didn't think it was peripheral) he scheduled EPs and a brain MRI - I asked him to also look at my neck and back (which he said he would if brain MRI revealed nothing). I had my follow up visit, at which he told me that the brain MRI was clear (I told him I thought it would be) and that my EPs were normal. He said he didn't think it was MS, but the next test he would order would be a LP - something he didn't feel was 100% necessary - he said "it depends how bad I wanted to find the problem - and maybe it was just stress. I was a bit annoyed by this, I don't appreciate when someone goes back on their word. To be honest I felt like he was discouraging me with an invasive test that was just being done to rule out MS....
So I went for a second opinion this past Monday.
This Neuro has MS as one of the things he specializes in - but I am not sure it makes him a MS specialist. I actually like this one much better.
At the appointment (which I told him was for a second opinion) he talked to me about symptoms and did say that I could be right that a pinched nerve or problem with a disc could be the root of my present symptoms (assuming the symptoms off and on the last 10 years were unrelated)
He said he would also order the LP, but at the same time he would also do a CT myelogram - to see if there was something wrong with my spine or the nerves. From my reading - this is not a test used for MS - but he looks at it like killing 2 birds with 1 stone - I can handle that.
He did say that some of the symptoms I am having (or have had in the last 12 months) were not those of pinched nerve or disc issues, which is why he wants to go ahead and test the fluid.
He says with the normal EPs and a normal brain MRI he would say that I have 80% chance that it is NOT MS. And that if my CSF was clear he felt that he could give me 98% that it is NOT MS. Of course if he finds a problem with the myelogram then we will know what is causing these symptoms.
I know I can't really get MS ruled out with clear CSF - but I do think 98% is a great number!
So I am of course praying (and crossing fingers) that the CSF is clear - and that the Myelogram gives some insight to what is really going on.
I don't know how long it will take to get the results - but he says he will try to give them to me over the phone!
I would love for this to come to an end - it has been 10 years since the term MS entered my vocabulary - and it always lingers in my mind when I have "symptoms" that start again. In a sense I feel like I am in limbo land - and no-one understands that each time I have a brain MRI that comes back clear - why I cant permanently put the thought of MS out of my head - they seem to all think that the clean MRI - means no chance MS - which I would think after 10 years had to be true! But it is so hard to just dismiss it - maybe this time I will get an answer.
Thanks for letting me unload - sometimes it feels like my family doesn't want to talk about it - they don't seem to think I should be worried - but I know something just isn't right - and although everyone has stress, I don'[t feel like average stress is the cause of this - or I would NEVER feel better!

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