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Hello, just found this board and thought maybe I could get some real person input rather than continually searching symptoms on different websites. I am 32 years old and female. Just this week, out of nowhere, I had some chest and back pain when I stood up, it hurt when I would inhale deeply or bend forward and lasted for about 12 hours. I had an EKG and chest xray and all looked normal. The next morning, I woke up and chest pain was gone but my upper right back was hurting. A few hours later, my right arm went sort of numb feeling and my right hand started to tingle. I got scared and went to the ER. Er did another ekg, chest xray and D-dimer blood test to look for a clot. All results were normal. Er doc mentioned he thinks this is neurological and started to mention MS. MS had not even been on my radar. Left the hospital with some vicodin and was told to follow up with neurologist. My arm thankfully is no longer numb and my hand is not tingling, I'm just left with a sore back/neck area. I have some terrible anxiety after this ER visit and have been googling like crazy. I cannot get into a neurologist for another 2 weeks. I went to an urgent care center yesterday and asked if they would xray my cervical spine to see if anything odd shows up like a herniated disc but all xrays were normal. I am just so confused and now worried that this ER doc was onto something with his suggestion of MS. Any thoughts?

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