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Can anyone help me, I am so confused and I am not getting a straight answer from the dr. I got my ENG test results back and it states "suggests a mix of peripheral associated with central vestibular abnormalities" When the dr talked to me about it she said she wasnt sure what was going on. I am currently in the process of ruling out ms and was wondering if these results are siding toward ruling ms in or out? She recommended I see an opthamologist and ms specialist next. Also what the heck does a mix of peripheral associated with central vistibular abnormalites mean? I have been googling till my eyes blur but dont understand. lol If anyone could shine a little light I would be wonderfully grateful.

She recommended I see an opthamologist and ms specialist next.---

I think your doctor knows the limitations of her knowledge and knows that your situation appears to be a neurological issue. She might suspect MS or may be doing you a favor of having you see the MS Specialist first. Take her advice, and hopefully a referral, and a copy of your records and take the next step.

No single test can specifically identify MS. Central vestibular disorder is a balance disorder and it is caused by a problem in the connecting nerves of the brain, which usually occurs due to tumors in the brain stem, multiple sclerosis, or brain stem vascular disease.

Have you had vision problems too? If so, I would encourage you to see a neuro-ophthalmologist a doctor a "wee bit" more specialized than an ophthalmologist, though it might be easier to find an ophthalmologist.

Lay aside your worries. An abnormality to one doctor may not be an abnormality to another. If you cannot get a referral to an MS Specialist, your local MS Association or Society office can probably assist you. If you have a teaching hospital, they will most likely have an MS Specialist (but not a guarantee). :angel:

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