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Saying Hello :)
Feb 19, 2013
Hi there :)

Im feeling a bit lost. In limbo-land.

Its been a year since the tingles started. Ive had 2 MRI's (one brain, one cervical neck both with lesions) and a neck CT scan. Ive been to numerous GP's, 2 optometrists, a physio, an osteo, chinese medicine, the hospital, regular psychologist, massage therapists and 1 neuro already in October, and will see a new neuro who specialises in MS on the 15th March.

I've almost given up a couple of times. Many times feeling frustrated, in tears, crazy, and deflated. So dramatic!..But I know some of you know, that's how it feels.

Started in early 2012 with the tingles left Jaw, neck, ear and arm. Motled vision and feeling a little dizzy. No headache! Then over next 6 months light tingles shoulders, chest, breasts, back of thighs. Lips numb. Original GP said "stress" or "muscular" or "migraine". After a couple of months i begged him for a neuro appointment - "Nah, i dont think you need to see a neuro, but if you REALLY want me to, then i can give you a referral".
Stuck with the 4th GP - He believes, and always has, that its MS. He referred me for the Brain MRI which came back with multiple (15) 1-2mm lesions in the white matter of both frontal lobes.

Neuro said the lesions look like MS, but are not in "right place for MS". I was faily happy with that answer but frustrated to still not know. So i kept up with the physio and massage etc.

I thought it was all over, until January when my physio sent me for a cervical MRI incase of a pinched nerve. Came back with spinal cord lesions.

I seem to have episodes of symptoms. I wonder if other people have similar ones?
*Waves of tingles over scalp up back of neck, over to forehead and down sides of face.
*Pin pricks like a bug biting me, or stabbing of a pin, mainly in upper body of chest, arms, shoulders and head (and finger tips).
*Feet & lips regularly numb.
*Recurrent short bursts of chest pain (went to emergency, ECG- chest wall muscle spasms)
*Belly pain and bowel issues.
*Dizzy, nausea, head spins, while desk, standing, feel drunk
*Motled vision again, pressure behind right eye. Pressure on Scalp like bruising.
*Left eye lid twitched for a straight MONTH! ARGH!
*Just stopped talking midsentence. Frustrating
*Think one thing, then frustratingly do another
*Tongue completely numb for about half hour
*Very sore neck and shoulders, leg and joint in both left hand and right foot
*VERY tired. So tired i could go back to sleep all day, and sleep all night again with no trouble.
*Now i shake. ALL the time. Feel like im shaking from the inside out. Hands physically shake.
*Muscles twitch all over the place
*Tingles predominantly up and down left leg up to belly button and back down again
*The last week i have Dizzy, nauseous, light headed like i might faint (doc says "its from whats going on with you." (Blood pressure excellent)
*Tired and unmotivated. Fatigue.
*Depression takes hold some weeks
*Eyes blurry and mottled and takes concentration to focus.

All blood tests have been done. No answers.

I just want to know so i can move on, not be in limbo and look forward so i can manage it, and stop being so scared!

Thanks for listening!! :)


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