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Hi everyone, (pls excuse my English, it's not that fluent :)

Here's a little story about me. Ever since I was a teenager I've always experienced frequent numbness and muscle cramps. That's why I've never learned how to swim because I noticed that moving my muscles too often will trigger the cramps. Everytime I bend my right toe, I would get cramps. I've also noticed that I get tired easily. I may look physically fit but I can't run a mile without having cramps in my tummy area (how sad..) I've always been a pessimistic person, get depressed quite often even when I was a kid...

About 3 years ago, my brother was diagnosed with MS, he has a progressive case of MS, I notice that he always have symptoms (bad tremors, speech problems, difficulty walking, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness etc...), and when he has an excerbation, he can't even walk for days. I've never thought of MS until my brother was diagnosed with it. For many years now, I have bowel problems, urinary frequency.

In 2010, I noticed that I started having memory problems, I used to have a sharp memory, I used to be able to remember unimportant details, but now I can't recall much. Then I have trouble finding words when speaking. I went to a neurologist and he ordered an MRI of the brain without contrast, and it came back normal. He told me that I'm just stressed out and I'm thinking too much, which is true because I tend to overthink things many times, sometimes I get anxious for silly things..

However, I noticed that my symptoms worsen over the years. Recently, I get very blurry vision. I went the eye dr, and he didn't find anything. Almost every morning, one of my arms is completely numb. I get extremely tired, always sleepy. I tend to drop things alot, very clumpsy, get dizzy more often now. My muscle twitches everywhere like crazy for the past 8 months. I have that insect bite itch, very annoying, and I'm itchy all the time. If I walk too fast, I run out of breath quickly, I have to stop and breath. I feel like my balance is a little off, I have slight tremors on my hands.

I recently went to the neuro, and he ordered a bunch of blood work (protein, CRP, TSH, glucose, etc) including Lyme. He also ordered and MRI of the brain and cervical spine without contrast, and everything came back negative. He quickly dismissed me and said that I don't have MS because he said that if I've been having these symptoms for this many yrs, my MRI should be positive by now with or without contrast. He can't order an evoked potentials for me because there's no basis for it (like if my MRI is iffy, then having an EP would further assist in the diagnosis). He said he would not recommend a lumpar puncture either since even ppl with positive MRI have negative LP.

They have an MS group at the clinic but I can't see them because I have to be diagnosed with MS.

Is there anyone whos in the same situation as me? Or anyone who have to wait a good # of years before their MRI become positive? My blurry vision and extreme fatigue really bother me...

pls help...(wow my post is really long...sorry about that :)

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